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Jusme Home Fragrance

Room Spray

Room Spray

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  Rewrite the story of your environment by putting your best home forward for family and friends. Elevate your space not only with decor but with your signature scents. A few spritzes will fill the air with tempting sweet aromas that are guaranteed to lift your spirits.
Drift away with iconic notes of tropical fruit and nature's floral garden

Milk & Honey: Vanilla Bean, Milk, and Honey, of course.

Calming + Focus This liquid gold honey scent is both addicting and comforting, designed to keep you focused & calm. Oozing with honey drizzle, warm milk, and vanilla bean.

Mind, Body & Soul: Brown Sugar, Luscious Plum, and Smoky Amber

Sultry & Earthy A sultry floral experience of luscious, juicy plum mingled with caramelized brown sugar and smoky dark amber to help you remain calm and grounded.

Pillow Talk: Lavender, Vanilla, and Chamomile

Lovely + Delicate Feel your body relax with this beautiful fragrance starting with hints of vanilla laced with lavender petals and infused with chamomile.

Sweet Nothings: Jasmine, Hibiscus, and a splash of mango nectar

Bright + Floral Sweet Nothings presents a beautiful story of fresh grass filled with rich flowers and delicate petals. With just a few sprays, you'll be immersed in nature's garden.

Sweet Utopia: Citrus, Kiwi, and Strawberries

Energizing + Vacation Vibes Transform any room into a tropical paradise with the help of this beautiful fragrance. Awaken your senses with our refreshing mist. Spritz for a touch of mood-boosting.

Naked Truth: Buttercream, Chai, and Brown sugar

Velvety + Delicious Calm down with a decadent infusion of warm brown sugar,  velvety buttercream, and a comforting blend of chai.

Noir Night: Rich Oak, Warm Vanilla, Smoky Amber, and White Musk

Luxurious + Romance The crackling wood aroma is evoked by rich oak and smoky amber. The beautiful blend of white musk and vanilla makes your homes smell luxurious. 

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Customer Reviews

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Jaynie B.

Love love love these room sprays. Perfect mist and fabulous scent.