FAQs Scented Wax Melts

Candles are remarkable for their smell and their ambiance; however, there are times when you don’t want to keep track of the flame or having to trim the wick. Wax melts, cubes, and tarts are meltable wax chunks that are warmed to release the scents. Wax melts are scented bite-sized pieces of wax that are a flame-free, convenient way to fragrance your home! Wax melts are placed in a wax warmer and melted with the wax warmer, which usually has a ceramic heater or light bulb included with the warmer. To make this process easy, we have broken it down into a few simple steps. 


How Strong Are Your Scents Scent sensitivity varies so greatly from person to person. We load our melts with the highest amount of fragrance oil possible because we want our melts to last longer and travel further. If you are concerned with scent strength, we recommend starting with 1cube and add to adjust to your liking. 

How Long Does Each sent Last Our rule of thumb is to melt 1 cube for 8 hours of scent time, giving you more value and scent time than other brands. That’s an estimated 48 hours of scent time with our 2.75 oz pack and 132-150 hours with our 8.5 oz Everlasting tin.

* You can use each cube 3-5 sessions, depending on your desired fragrance intensity.

1. Purchase a Wax Warmer

The first step in preparing to use your new Imjusme101 scented wax melts is to buy a candle wax warmer/ melter. These warmers come in several styles, usually designed to add a bit of attractive décor to your home. The free-standing style gives a flickering candlelight feel using a tea-light candle, or you can get a nightlight style made to plug into a wall outlet. 

2. Add a Wax Melt to the Warmer

We provide two types of wax melts. Our Everlasting comes with large cubes, which you place one cube into you warmer, and if you're feeling daring, use two cubes for a more saturated scent. Our second scented melt option comes in a six cube tray that's meant to be broken into smaller pieces before placing in your wax warmer. Gently bend or remove your wax tarts from the tray and break off a single-use piece. Once you have set the wax melt(s) in the burner, DO NOT add water or oil to your wax melts. Click to learn more.

3. Turn the Warmer On

Light your tea-light candle or If the warmer is electric, plug it in and flip the “on” switch. Ensure that the cord isn’t resting against any part of the wax warmer that may become hot during use. Make sure that your wax warmer is placed on a surface that isn’t flammable and is kept clear of all flammable materials.

If your warmer doesn’t come equipped with an automatic timer, be sure to set a timer to remind yourself to turn the wax melter off. You should also avoid moving the warmer when the wax inside is melted so that you don’t accidentally spill hot wax inside your home. Remember to check on the melter periodically to ensure that the wax isn’t overflowing if you and more than one cube.

4. Enjoy the Lovely Scent

Be sure to be in the moment and enjoy the lovely aroma coming from your new wax melts!

 5. Remove Wax

- If your warmer has been on and your wax is liquid, take two cotton balls, set them in the warmer, let it absorb, and discard cotton balls into the trash can.

- If your wax warmer is not on and the wax has hardened, we think it is easier to remove it by turning the warmer back on, so the wax at least loosens in the warmer and is easier to remove as a solid piece!

Just be sure not to discard used wax down the drain. To clean your wax warmer, take a paper towel and wipe down the area where you inserted the wax. For an easy-clean, you can use a drop of baby oil. You can also use a warm, moist, soapy sponge or soft cloth to clean the dish inside. Wipe down with a soft cloth. Never use abrasive cleaners that can cause wear and tear to your wax warmers.