About Me


While our candles might come in a classic plain jar, they are far from boring. Each label is handmade with our signature witty sayings and always with YOU in mind. Made with premium fragrance and cleaner ingredients sprinkled with a little sarcasm and a lot of love. Made from our hearts to your home.

Migraines, Stress, & Anxiety, Oh My! 😳

To help combat my overwhelming work stress and imposter syndrome, I turned to candles. but it was still missing something. I wanted fragrances that were clean but still strong enough to fill a room. I wanted to create something that would relax my racing mind and entertain my soul. Thus Imjusme (I'm Just Me) was born. Created a constant reminder to show up as my authentic self.

Meaning Behind Imjusme101

Imjusme = excepting you as you are

"I'm Just Me" means to be thankful and accept the season you are in. We are all unique and complicated individuals, so instead of focusing on imposter syndrome. We focus on learning to love ourselves in a healthy way.

101 = introductory level

Shift your perspective and go back to basics, where it's a necessity to be selfish. Setting aside time for yourself so that you can be a better lover or friend. strengthening relationship within ourselves and the people around us.

So now that we just got really deep, let us begin and go back to basics. 

Very Important Things You Should Know

(about Eli the owner)

Favorite Quotes: “Either you run the day or the day runs you.” — Jim Rohn

"Nobody cares how much you know, Until they know how much you care" -Theodore Roosevelt

“Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards.” ―Vernon Sanders Law

Guilty Pleasure: Watching old reruns of Friends, Golden Girls, and ya darn tootin Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Favorite aspect of Imjusme101: Hands down! It would have to be the creative freedom I have from updating the website to being behind the scenes on a photoshoot. My creative juices are constantly flowing.