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F.A.Qs Candle

How fragrant are your products? Imjusme101 products are created to elevate your everyday lifestyle. Although our goal is to provide a daring and concentrated fragrance throw, we never want our scents to be overpowering, because of this, please utilize our sizing chart to ensure you are using each product in the appropriately sized space, creating an evenly balanced fragrance and ambiance.

Small Spaces: 5-7 oz Standard Candles - To create an invigorating scent throw add one of our Reed Diffusers for a quick and robust refreshing scent (best-used spaces like bathrooms & bedrooms)

Medium Spaces: 8-10 oz Candles are a stronger scent throw. (best-used spaces like bedrooms & kitchen)

Large Spaces: 11-14 oz Large Candles. If you do not have 14oz or more candles, we recommend burning two or more 8 oz -10 oz candles at the same time in larger spaces. (best-used spaces kitchen & living room)

What do you mean by taking care of my candle? Candles need love too, so take care of your candles. Click here to learn more.

WHY is JHF different? At IMJ we pride ourselves on making high-quality products that are easy on your wallet. Taking scents inspired by personal memories and turning them into luxury fragrance, you can feel good about.

What if a product I want is Marked as Sold Out?  Daaang, Don't freak out. If products are marked as sold out, we will restock in jiffy unless it is a seasonal product. 


Do you offer free shipping? Sure do! Enjoy free shipping on all U.S. candle orders over $75.

How long will it take to get my order? 

Shipping depending on both the processing time and your shipping address. After you completed your order, it goes into the processing period, usually taking 3-5 business days (not including weekends). Once your order is done processing, it'll then be ready for Standard First Class shipping, which usually takes 5-7 business days (remember your location plays a part in your shipping), as for Priority Shipping, it will take 2-5 business days. If you'd like more of an estimate from your area, contact your nearest USPS location for more accurate information.

International Orders

Currently, we are only shipping domestically in the U.S. This means that we cannot ship internationally; however, this is *temporary*, and we look forward to expanding shipping options very soon!


Can I return or exchange my JHF product? If you are ever unhappy with your purchase, please reach out to our Customer Care team at info@imjusme101.com, and we'll help get the process started. If you're experiencing an issue with JHF products, please include photos and emailed description so our team can adequately determine how to help.

The exchange + return process requires proof of purchase (e.g., your JHF order number, order confirmation email, store receipt).

* Exceptions: We do not not accept returns on gift cards, sale items, or third party products.

Do you offer store credit? heck yeah we do! If there's one thing we know, it's that there is no such thing as too many Imjusme candles! If you'd prefer store credit rather than a refund or exchange, let us know, and we'll be happy to help. Store credits are credited through your personal account that was made through imjusme101.com. Using the email entered when you placed your order. As a reminder, your refund does not include the shipping fee.


Still have unanswered questions? feel free to contact our team via our submission form (below) or email info@imjusme101.com , and we'll do our best to lend a hand!