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Milk & Honey Everlasting Melt

Milk & Honey Everlasting Melt

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A comforting & nostalgic blend

Our Oatmeal Milk & Honey fragrance combines the scents of warm oatmeal lightly sweetened with Manuka honey with splashes of almond milk and a dash of spicy clove and vanilla. Reminiscent of a warm almond cookie, this fragrance is a light soothing, and slightly sweet scent.

Smells Like: Oatmeal Milk, Honey, Sweet Almond, Clove, Tonka Bean, Vanilla

  • 105+ hours of fragrance 
  • 8.5oz (22-25 melts)

Product added by weight, not the individual cube. Each cube can be used 3 to 5 times, depending on strength preference. 


    "Are the wax melts stronger than candles?" is a common question asked. Yes, since there is no direct heat; unlike candles, we're able to apply twice as much fragrance, increasing the potency of our scented melt by 40%.

    For more FAQs about our melts, click here.

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