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Jusme Home Fragrance

Free Hugs, Just Kidding

Free Hugs, Just Kidding

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A fun and unique way to express how you really feel to family and friends!

Our Expression collection is funny and unapologetically bold. They inspire stories worth telling, with the belief that even scents can be a conversation starter and an unforgettable gift.

PINEAPPLE LEMONADE Fresh sun-drenched pineapple bursting with juicy sweetness, infused with lemons and mouth-watering mango.

NOIR NIGHT This sensual and delicious fragrance is for mature audience only. A grown and sexy roasted marshmallow fragrance for adults, it entices you to snuggle up with a special someone or favorite book. Say hello to your newfound fireside.

SWEET UTOPIA Energizing blend of exotic citrus and sugary notes. Flying thousands of miles to feel like you're in a fragrant paradise is sooo yesterday. Fill your space with the captivating and tropical aroma of an unforgettable scent.

SWEET NOTHINGS Too busy to stop and smell the roses? This scent will have you enjoying the beauty of nature's garden as you bask in its soft floral aroma of hibiscus and jasmine.

TALK DIR-TEA TO ME: It's time to wind down, sip on some chai tea, and watch that Netflix show you've been longing for. Relax and give your home and body the attention it deserves. It smells like -Getting lost in the warm, relaxing aroma of Chai Tea. A gourmand scent that smells so good it almost feels wrong.

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