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Sweet Utopia Everlasting Melt

Sweet Utopia Everlasting Melt

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This candle is for those sweet and not so guilty pleasures.
You know, The moments in life when you make a conscious decision to put yourself first. A fragrance designed to help you relax and unwind while basking in all of nature's glory. Ignite your soul with its light floral aromas as you break away and nothing.

Smells Like...Citrus, Kiwi, and Strawberries

  • 105+ hours of fragrance 
  • 8.5oz (22-25 melts)

Product added by weight, not the individual cube. Each cube can be used 3 to 5 times, depending on strength preference. 


    "Are the wax melts stronger than candles?" is a common question asked. Yes, since there is no direct heat; unlike candles, we're able to apply twice as much fragrance, increasing the potency of our scented melt by 40%.

    For more FAQs about our melts, click here.

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