We are so thrilled you stopped by to get to know us a little better! 


Imjusme101 was designed for those who make it a point to cross everything off their to-do list but fail to prioritize themselves. It's made for those who lost sight of time and forgot to tidy up before their family and friends arrived.

When I started this company, I wanted to make something people felt driven to connect with, no matter where they were in life. I was determined to create something that lifted spirits & sparked joy because if you're able to open your heart and accept the sparks (small joys) in life, it's destined to eventually bring the best out of you.

Every item is made by me, made from my heart to your home, and always with you in mind. 

- Eli Jackson

Meaning Behind Imjusme101

Imjusme = excepting you as you are

"I'm Just Me" means to be thankful and accept the season you're in. We are all unique and complicated individuals, and instead of being disappointed and focused on imposter syndrome, not being the best parents or spouse. We start over and focus on learning to love ourselves so we can begin to live our truth and properly love others around us.

101 = introductory level

A Reminder to embrace where buuuut also be willing to shift your perspective. Let's get back to fundamentals where it's acceptable to be selfish every now and again. Prioritizing ourselves, so we can pour into our loved ones. Concentrating on improving our family's and the atmosphere we live in.

So now that we just got really deep, let us begin and go back to basics. 


about Eli the owner

Favorite Quote: "Nobody cares how much you know, Until they know how much you care" -Theodore Roosevelt

Guilty Pleasure: Watching old reruns of Friends, Golden Girls, and ya darn tootin Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Favorite aspect of Imjusme101: Hands down! It would have to be the creative freedom I have from updating the website to being behind the scenes on a photo-shoot. My creative juices are constantly flowing.