• Soothing Crackle

    our wooden wicks release a relaxing, comforting sound reminiscent of a cozy fireplace

  • Generously Scented

    all of our products are handmade and poured in Naples, FL with only high-quality fragrance and infused with essential oils.

  • Mesmerizing Shimmer

    our signature shimmer emerges once the candle hits a perfect melting point. making every candle even more unique.

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chemistry + aromatherapy

watch closely as sparks fly and witness this scent mingle with your senses, creating an intoxicating chemistry that's impossible to resist.

meet boyfriends cologne


meet our newest line, Simplicity - a collection created for people who appreciate the simpler things in life but still wish to enjoy JUSME’S captivating scents.

basic, but never boring