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Having Me As A Daughter Candle

Having Me As A Daughter Candle

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Having Me As A Daughter Is Really The Only Gift You Need

PINEAPPLE LEMONADE Fresh sun-drenched pineapple bursting with juicy sweetness, infused with lemons and mouth-watering mango.

COCONUT, CUCUMBER & MELON: This luscious blend of honeydew and watermelons is complemented with a crisp splash of cucumber, and as if it wasn't already juicy enough, we added a layer of creamy coconut, giving the perfect sweet balance of summer.

SWEET UTOPIA Energizing blend of exotic citrus and sugary notes. Flying thousands of miles to feel like you're in a fragrant paradise is sooo yesterday. Fill your space with the captivating and tropical aroma of an unforgettable scent.

SWEET NOTHINGS Too busy to stop and smell the roses? This scent will have you enjoying the beauty of nature's garden as you bask in its soft floral aroma of hibiscus and jasmine.

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