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Naked Truth Reed Diffuser

Naked Truth Reed Diffuser

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Discover the essence of self-discovery with Naked Truth, a fragrance that invites you to embark on a journey of unveiling. Just as we peel back the layers of our lives, this scent unfolds delicately, revealing the essence of your truth, your authenticity, your naked truth.

Starting with a soft, subtle scent, Naked Truth gradually builds up, just like our own journey of understanding. Its fragrance then mirrors the complexity of human nature, inviting you to embrace your own unique layers and celebrate the beauty in being yourself. Smells Like... Warm Vanilla, Chai, & Brown sugar.

  • 4-5 months of fragrance
  • 6.8oz 

Curious to learn more about our Reed Diffusers?

Reed diffusers are what we call background air fresheners. Effortlessly freshening your space without stealing the shine or taking over the room. These are best placed in smaller spaces like restrooms or workspaces for a flameless fragrance throw.

Our Reeds sticks are formed with the latest technology in reed diffusion, delivering improved fragrance performance compared to other standard reed sticks.

Intertwined with cotton and synthetic fiber, compatible with both oil and water-based diffuser liquids. They are designed to be recycled and reuse for refilled even after months of usage.

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